The Value of Playing to Your Strengths

The Value of Playing to Your Strengths

If you’ve landed in a job that you’re not particularly passionate about, or that you don’t truly love, then that doesn’t mean you won’t be happy. It might well be that you’ve been working away happy enough, earning a decent wage and seeing enough rewards from it to support your family.

But does that mean you should be complacent? Does that mean you should give up on branching out to find where your real skills and enthusiasm lie? Does it mean you should skip the training opportunities that could help you grow? Certainly not. Read on and we’ll look into the value that comes from playing to your real strengths.

What Happens When we Play to Our Strengths

Most of us have a few key abilities that we are amazing at. And for most of us, those are the things we love. We’re good at these things because we love them and spent more time practicing and we love them because we’re so good.

As a result, when we train ourselves on that ability or strength, everything about our demeanor changes. For starters, we become much more focused on what we’re doing. That’s because we find it important and fun and as a result our brains produce dopamine and catecholamine hormones to keep us fixated. This is what some circles refer to as ‘flow states’.

At the same time, we are of course much happier and more confident because we’re doing what we love. That means we feel motivated and we become much less likely to take breaks.

All this of course means that we perform to our very best. We’re performing well anyway because we’re doing the thing we’re really good at – but at the same time we’re more focused, we’re happier, we’re more motivated and we’re in flow.

All that means that we’re now going to produce better work that gets us noticed and that gets us promoted. We’ll earn more and perform better because we’re doing what we love.

Signs You’re Playing to Your Strengths

All these are the benefits of playing to your strengths and they can also act as tell-tale signs that you’re doing what you love. Ask yourself: when was the last time you felt completely focused on a project? That you found it highly rewarding? That you worked so hard you ended up holding your need to go to the toilet?

Yeah… you should start doing a lot more of that!

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Bill Fields Training Vault thought for today: Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.