Massive Motivation


Getting motivated. That’s what everybody is talking about. With Massive Motivation we’ll show you how to get motivated, and how to stay there for as long as possible. Interested? Download your copy now!


Do you have trouble getting or staying motivated?

Motivation is defined basically as the force which drives you to do anything.

Motivation can be either intrinsic or extrinsic and there are three theories as to the source of motivation: needs/drives, instincts and arousal levels.

Massive Motivation will give you a greater understanding of how motivation works and how you can control it to achieve your goals and make your life better. In order to ensure that you know each step and can follow it successfully to each goal.

Let’s review the powerful content you will find in Massive Motivation.

Chapter One: In chapter one, we are introduced to the concept of motivation and learn a little more about how it works and how psychologists define it.

The three components of motivation are activation, or the point in which you can the first action to achieve the goal, persistence which is how committed you are to the goal and intensity, which is how hard you are willing to work towards the goal.

Chapter Two: The goal of chapter two is to get you to understand some of the things that cause low levels of motivation. Those causes are divided up into four different categories which are as follows:

Habitual Beliefs: beliefs that you have believed for so long that it can be almost impossible to change your mind about them. Sometimes, these beliefs can affect motivation.

Habitual Behaviors: Behaviors that keep you unmotivated or not achieving goals.

Personality Quirks: Things that are innate to you that can affect your motivation.

Health Problems: Health problems such as depression, low blood sugar, hypothyroidism, gluten intolerance and brain inflammation which all can affect motivation.

Chapter Three: Chapter three describes some of the ways that you can find sources of motivation that will help you keep your motivation levels high against obstacles. Chapter three is all about getting to know yourself and finding out what your own personal sources of motivation are.


Imagine You’re Limitless

Imagine Judgment Free

Chapter Four: Chapter four outlines some of the tactics that you can use to increase your motivation even when you encounter obstacles.


Use the Reminder Method –

Creating a Routine – Create habits that help you reach your goals.

Chapter Five: Chapter five is all about being able to direct your motivation into sources that are actually going to help you reach your goals. We discuss spinning your wheels and how people often direct their energy into actions that aren’t actually going to result in them reaching their goal. A suggestion to follow was the backwards planning method where you first determined what the very last step of your goal is to be, and then you figured out the step before that, and the step before that, so on and so forth.

Chapter Six: Chapter six talked about dividing your long-term and big goals into small, bite-sized goals to make them easier to achieve. Also, some good advice was given on making your goals to be realistic ones and not making them impossible to achieve.

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