Email Marketing 2.0 Made Easy Video Training


Simple, step by step, video training that will intensify your benefits from using email campaigns to grow your business to the next level and generate lots of qualified leads and make more sales.


Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses and provides an ultimate chance to 3x your sales completely hands free!

Email marketing has been gaining tremendous grounds since the day it was introduced… Many marketing strategies came and diminished with time but emails always rock, and will continue to be at the forefront of marketing strategies in the near future as well.

Email Marketing doesn’t take anything from you but gives you 100% return for your efforts, if you apply it in the appropriate manner. It connects people globally and helps businesses to keep their customers hooked for a lifetime. With every year passing by, it has proved to be the most effective marketing technique having faith of marketers.

  • The number of email users worldwide will reach 2.9 Billion by 2019
  • Email users in USA will grow to 254.7 Million by 2020
  • The number of emails sent per day will be around 269 Billion by end of 2017
  • 89% marketers feel that email is their primary channel for lead generation
  • 75% companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI
  • Consumers check their email and text messages first thing in morning, before anything else

Email marketing increases customer engagement metrics and is a relatively inexpensive marketing tool compared to other prevalent methods. But like every business element, it comes with some set standard and if anyone wants to make email marketing work, they need to follow some ground rules and play with them to reap big.

Introducing:  Email Marketing 2.0 Made Easy HD Video Training!


This is a complete collection of High Definition videos with step by step content. Here’s the breakdown:

Section 1: Email Marketing Basics

1. What Email marketing is all about and why should you definitely use it?
2. Automating your Email marketing efforts
3.  “Regular” vs “Self-Hosted” Email marketing

Section 2: Setting things up

4. The 5 Cornerstones of a successful Email marketing campaign
5.  Setting things up before creating your first Email marketing campaign

Section 3: Creating an EM Campaign – Step by Step

6. Researching a hot online topic
7. Creating an attractive lead magnet
8. Setting up a high converting squeeze page
9. Setting up a persuasive autoresponder series
10. Sending the right type of traffic to your squeeze page

Section 4: Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

11.  Inbox delivery secrets exposed
12.  Proven tricks for growing your subscribers list fast
13.  Writing result oriented newsletters and autoresponders
14.  Simple little tricks to doubling your Email open rates
15.  Skyrocketing your click through rates like a Pro
16. How to dramatically increase your ROI?

Section 5: Additional Tips to consider

17. Dos and don’ts
18. Premium tools and services to consider
19. Shocking case studies
20. Frequently asked questions

Well, it’s time for you to start getting the most out of Email Marketing. I know you’ll love this training.

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