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Get Success Results will give you 220 tips to take control, grasp it firmly, and use it to achieve success in all areas of your life. From health and relationship to finance and career, these tips will advance your successes in life.


When it comes to life and business, it is no coincidence that some people always seem to flourish while others always seem to fail. For sure, chance plays a role in some things. But as individuals, as business-owners, as thinkers, and as parents, we have a significant degree of control over our lives.

Now, we can use the control that we have to influence outcomes in bad ways. Or we can use it to influence outcomes in our favor; and in the favor of those we care about most.

When we use it poorly or when we don’t use it at all, it should come as no surprise that our outcomes are bad. And when we use it thoughtfully and carefully, it should similarly be less surprising when we succeed.

Fortunately for you, this book is all about success. It is about extracting the characteristics of others that make them successful at work, in parenthood, or in the workplace; and then adopting those characteristics for your own use.

Today, you will stop telling yourself that you have no control over your life; and with 220 Principles for Success you will learn exactly what it means to take that control, grasp it firmly, and use it to achieve success in all areas of your life.


If you are a visual learner, you learn by reading or seeing pictures. You understand and remember things by sight. You can picture what you are learning in your head, and you learn best by using methods that are primarily visual. You like to see what you are learning.

Do you do best in workshops in which instructors do a lot of writing at the chalkboard, provide clear handouts, and make extensive use of an overhead projector? Do you take detailed written notes from your training and webinars? If YES, you are probably a Visual Learner. Visual Learners learn best when information is presented in a written language format.

This comprehensive guidebook allows you to gain maximum value from the information and not miss a single idea. Provided in pdf  format.

220 Principles for Success topics include:

  • How to Be Happy No Matter What
  • Give Up When It’s Wise NOT Convenient
  • How to Think in Terms of Solutions NOT Problems
  • How to Leave Your Comfort Zones
  • Breaking Goals Into Daily Objectives
  • Why You Must Accept Responsibility for Your Decisions
  • How to Focus on Efficiency
  • Why Visions of Overnight Success are Delusional
  • How to Create a Life and Career Map

With these 220 Principles for Success you will learn exactly what it means to take control, grasp it firmly, and use it to achieve success in all areas of your life. Provided in .pdf format.

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