Real Estate Agents Train Yourself to Eliminate Negativity

Real Estate Agents Train Yourself to Eliminate Negativity

People tend to hold on to negativity in their lives, even though it makes them miserable. Why do they do this? Why it is so hard for them to let go?

One of the reasons for this situation, is the fact that a lot of times, people feel like they have no control over their life. When you have had death, divorce, health issues, and other circumstances hit you, it is very easy to feel like life is happening TO you. When you feel you have no control, it is easy to be negative.

Another reason is that people often do not know how to let go. Society often offers trite advice  such as: suck it up, deal with it, and so on. Sayings that are about holding things in, and not about letting them go. Even though numerous studies have shown that holding all that negativity inside is disastrous to both physical and mental health, society still tends to reward people for bottling up their emotions.

Western medicine has often been about medication and treatment, not about teaching people how to find balance. You can learn a lot from Eastern approaches about how to let go. Meditation, yoga, martial arts, and other traditional methods are all about training people to let go and get back into balance. By incorporating one or more of these techniques into your life, you can help restore yourself into a state where negativity no longer controls you.

Journaling is another way you can eliminate negativity. By training yourself to write down the negative thoughts and emotions, you can then let them go, so they are no longer a part of you.

Some people use a write-and-burn or -trash technique. This is a process in which you write down all the negative thoughts and emotions, or what you really want to say to someone, and then you either throw the paper away or burn it. This can be a very freeing process. It may sound ludicrous, but once you try it, you may that it’s extremely effective.

Sometimes the best way to let go is to confront the person who is not treating you right. This could be a boss, a family member, or a friend. Whoever it is, you may find you have to set boundaries with them. The important thing is not to do this when you are angry. Instead, confront the person right away in a calm fashion. Be firm, but do not lose your temper. Be assertive when you set the boundaries. Be prepared that they may respond by behaving worse at first, but over time if you are consistent with your boundaries, you should see a major improvement in how they treat you.