How Learning Improves Our Lives

How Learning Improves Our Lives

Do you have a fixed mindset? Maybe you are wondering why it matters.

Why is having a growth or learning mindset important?

Many studies prove that people who have learning mindsets live happier, more satisfying lives than those who stay in a fixed mindset. Being a lifelong learner benefits us in many ways, some of which you probably have never thought of before, including:

  • More self-confidence
  • New connections with people
  • More hopeful
  • Less averse to risk
  • Stronger ability to get the most out of life
  • Empowered by achievement
  • More adaptable to change
  • Strong social relationships
  • Better self-esteem
  • More satisfaction with life
  • Improved ability to cope with stress

Besides all of these feel-good quality of life things, continuing to learn no matter what age you are, keeps your brain sharp.

That’s right. It’s not just young people who continue to build neuron pathways when they learn new things.

Keeping your mind active by learning new things keeps mental decline as we age at bay. In the study of Alzheimer’s, scientists have found that people with little interest in learning all throughout their lives had the highest occurrences of the disease.

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